WAPDA & USAID to Spend $78 Million to Refurbish Mangla Dam


Pakistan Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) and United States Agency for International Development (USAID), on Wednesday, marked a Project Implementation Letter (PIL)- 2 worth US$78 million for the Mangla Refurbishment Project.

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The USAID award will be spent to embrace different works of Package V, VI, VIII and IX of the venture. The PIL-1 of US$72 million for Mangla Refurbishment Project had just marked among USAID and WAPDA in 2014. WAPDA Chairman Lt Gen Muzammil Hussain (R) and USAID Mission Leader Jerry Bisson marked the letter.

WAPDA Member (Power) was likewise present, as indicated by a WAPDA representative.

In perspective on the maturing element of the producing hardware and accessibility of extra water due to the raised Mangla Dam, WAPDA is actualizing Mangla Refurbishment Project with an endorsed PC-I cost of Rs. 52.224 billion.

USAID is giving US$150 million as award and AFD is giving €90 million as an advance for the reason, while the remainder of the sum is being organized by WAPDA through advances and from its very own assets.

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Mangla Refurbishment Project, on its culmination, would improve age limit of the current Mangla Hydel Power Station from 1000 megawatt (MW) to 1310 MW, in this manner enrolling an expansion of 310 MW.

The renovation works have been separated into 11 unique bundles, which will be actualized in different stages.

The producing units will be repaired by shutting down one passage (two creating units) one after another. Restoration of the initial two units will be finished in the year 2019, while renovation of each of the 10 creating units is probably going to be practiced constantly 2024.

It ought to be referenced here that WAPDA has been actualizing a two dimensional procedure for ideal usage of hydropower assets.

Under the technique, WAPDA has started new hydropower extends as well as been restoring and redesigning its current hydel control stations to boost the proportion of condition cordial and minimal effort hydel power in the National Grid, he finished up.